Ipekasia is an import-export trading company

We have specialized training and extensive experience in various areas of foreign trade operations.
Our main markets are concentrated in Turkey, the United States and Caribbean.
In particular, it imports Food, Non-Food, Home Textile and Bathroom products made from Turkey and distributes them widely in the United States. It also mediates that Turkish companies that have an agreement with the online Marketplace and want to enter the American Market become a part of these marketplaces.
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Raw materials trading

Conclude foreign economic contracts

We hold negotiations

Control the delivery process

We provide warehouses and transshipment points

We make customs registration of customs transit and in the country


Product study

Study product by our specialists with the following analysis ego promotion on external markets

Management negotiations

Discussion of details: coordination prices, conditions payment, specifications, terms of delivery, terms shipment


Design all permitting and shipping documents for export shipment


Registration for export at local customs, organization logistics


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United States
Phone: +18323673839
Email: info@ipekaisa.com